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Dec 5, 2013 10:00pm PST
, nelson mandela. he died today at his home after a long illness. he was 95. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. the crowd is still outside nelson mandela's house. this video was taken a few minutes ago. people have been chanting, singing, and dancing all through the night. it has not stopped. it was mandela who transformed the country into what it is today. martin luther king, jr., had a dream. some say nelson mandela dreamed it. he became one of the greatest civil rights icons of the last 50 years and it cost him almost three decades of his life in a jail cell. vanita on the man who earned the admiration of millions. >> and one wonders what must be passing through mr. mandela's mind at this moment. >> after 27 years in prison, nelson mandela walked into freedom. against all odds, the leader of a rebellion became the leader of national unity. mandela's decade-long rebellion turned him into a freedom fighter, an international hero. >> i fought against white domination. i have fought for every family. >> mandela was born into a privileged family. he support
Dec 9, 2013 10:00pm PST
ahead of a massive memorial for nelson mandela. many are already chanting, dancing, and holding signs in remembrance as they wait for the service to begin at about three hours from now. >>> president obama landed in johannesburg 45 minutes ago. and he is one of nearly 100 heads of state attending. they will also be speaking. tina krauss on how the world will pause to remember mandela. >> reporter: south africa's national soccer stadium will be the center of the world tuesday as dozens of leaders from around the globe gather to remember nelson mandela. >> and that is exactly what he did. and that's what he does, brings people together. >> reporter: president obama will be one of the featured speakers. while the president and mandela met only once in 2005, they kept in touch by telephone since the president first took office in 2008. former presidents george w. bush, bill clinton, and jimmy carter will also attend the massive memorial. this stadium holds nearly 100,000 people, but many more want to be here. thousands will watch from surrounding streets on big stream. before tuesda
Dec 6, 2013 10:00pm PST
outside the home of nelson mandela. a steady stream of mourners stopping by since learning of his death yesterday. a public memorial is being planned since tuesday. after that, his body will lie in state for three days. the funeral is set a week from sunday in mandela's hometown. leaders from all over the world are expected to attend the service, including president obama and the first lady and former president george bush and his wife laura. >>> san francisco is planning its own memorial to the former president of south africa. it is set for wednesday, december 11, at 8:00 a.m. at city hall. mayor's office will also have a condolence book starting on monday. the public can sign that. flags in the city have been ordered to fly at half staff until next sunday. >>> and tomorrow, we will air a special one-hour tribute to the life in the work of nelson mandela and you can see it beginning at 6:00 on our sister station, kpix5. >> these two teams, they don't like each other. >> hoping to avoid a scene like this. bay area police come up with their game plan attack. any trouble at candle stick
Dec 8, 2013 8:30am PST
might be more. >>> national day of reflection was kicked off in honor of nelson mandela. >> i got a chance to sit down with the pastor. we know limb fairly well. williams was the first to greet him when he visited the bay area in 1990. >> when he stepped out you could tell he was above the visions. he was above any thing that occurred that would take away from being with people and making sure that people understood he was going to be different. >> the city of san francisco is planning it's own memorial. that's set for wednesday. >> starring tomorrow the mayors office will have a book the public can sign fl -- there. flags in the city have been ordered tofully half staff. >> the president will attend the memorial in africa. >>> san fan -- san francisco's batkid returned. we'll show you how next. ,,,, ,,,, ,,,, again to >>> grab a coat if you are heading out today. it's in the 30s. a little bit of haze in the sky. it will be generally sunny. your 9ers forecast the game at 1:25 it will be a chilly 48 degrees. >>> this week supervice cor -- supervisors to talk about the shooting of lop
Dec 8, 2013 10:00pm PST
since nelson mandela's death for the former president's death. the memorial service began on tuesday, but the celebrations of mandela's life have not let up since his death on thursday. today the ex-wife attended one service. it's the country's first black president. it's what was inspired for them to be able to do and to show millions of people to engage in it all and to end the injustice. >> reporter: they will leave tomorrow for south africa, attending a national memorial service for mandela on tuesday. >>> bay area church goers will honor the former afghan president today. the celebration of the life and legacy at san francisco's memorial church. the only thing missing was sadness. of young people. "i don't think you can makee i think the yo the mood was joyful as the children's choir honored the passing of the man called the father of the nation. >> it's bigger than that. i mean, he touched all of our lives, regardless of where we were in the world. >> reporter: and they met him twice. the first time they have celebrated a big appearance in oakland in 1990. as william said that
Dec 7, 2013 10:00pm PST
memorial for nelson mandela on tuesday. as tina krause reports, huge crowds are paying tribute round the clock to the man who changed the destiny of that nation. >> reporter: south africans celebrated nelson mandela's life into the night. paying tribute to their country's first black president. ♪ earlier in the day, mandela's grandchildren met with well wishers who shared flowers and memories of the man they call the father of their nation. he is -- >> as far as i'm concerned will always be the greatest man that -- ever lived. and i love him and may he rest in peace. >> reporter: paying their respects and the crowds will only get bigger throughout the week as the official memorial begins. children in man deal dell la's former home danced to celebrate his life. on tuesday, the township will host a memorial service at a soccer stadium where up to 100,000 people are expected. world leaders are headed to south africa to honor the antiapartheid leaders who spent 27 years in prison. he was a fellow inmate at robin island. >> in his illness, and in his death, the country is united. >> reporte
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6